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Supply to Nugen, Moorside

Welcome to supply chain opportunities at Nugen, 3.4GW Nuclear Generating Project,Moorside, West Cumbria

NuGen is a joint venture between Toshiba and GDF SUEZ.
Having secured an option to purchase land on the West Cumbrian Coast from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, NuGen’s Moorside project aims to develop a new generation nuclear power station of up to 3.4GW capacity.On 22 August 2016 a concept for the site development was published.

Based on our current plans we should have the connection to the grid by 2023/24 followed by commissioning tests, and then a Commercial Operation Date by 2026.

The construction period is likely to differ depending on the choice of technology due to the different design approaches associated with the two designs so it is difficult to be any more precise at this stage.

A new nuclear power station in West Cumbria is likely to create around 5,000 jobs during the construction period, with around 700 permanent jobs being created when the Moorside power station becomes operational. During periods of planned maintenance, workforce numbers would be expected to exceed a further 1,000 people.

The easiest way to contact NuGen in the first instance is via email at from where your enquiry can be passed to the most appropriate person.
NuGen, supported by its parents companies, is currently working on detailed plans for developing the site. The company has unrivalled experience in global, large-scale nuclear and construction projects. NuGen combines the strengths of its two parent companies – established financial robustness and proven operating experience – with world-leading technology provided by Westinghouse Electric Company, a group company of Toshiba.
In progressing the Moorside project, our commitment is that we will:

  • Put safety first in everything that we do
  • Work in partnership with the local community
  • Promote UK employment and skills
  • Support supply chain excellence
  • Align with Government policy and contribute to the national debate


We recognise the importance of drawing upon the expertise and knowledge that comes from the long tradition of nuclear power in West Cumbria where more than 12,000 people are directly employed by the nuclear industry with many more indirectly involved.
We have established a permanent base at Westlakes Science & Technology Park from where we expect to contribute to Cumbria’s “Energy Coast” vision and seek to develop strong and long-term relationships with local communities in West Cumbria.
On 30 June 2014, NuGen welcomed confirmation that partnership agreements between Toshiba and GDF SUEZ have been finalised over the future shareholding in NuGeneration Ltd. This is positive news for NuGen staff, our stakeholders in West Cumbria and elsewhere, and for the prospects of the UK’s new nuclear build programme. The new shareholding will mean a joint venture between Toshiba and GDF SUEZ, with Westinghouse Electric company as a technology provider.
In August 2014, NuGen is due to re-commence site assessment work as the company continues to move forward with plans for its Moorside project in West Cumbria. A series of site assessment surveys will be carried out through 2014 and into 2015 including geophysical surveys, geological age dating and some borehole drilling work.
30th June 2014 NuGen ready to power forward with Europe’s largest new nuclear development

  • Toshiba and GDF SUEZ complete NuGen deal
  • Europe’s largest new nuclear project moves forward
  • First of three Westinghouse AP1000® reactors targeted for operation in 2024
  • NuGen’s Moorside to provide nearly 7% of UK’s future electricity requirements
  • Moorside project forecast to create between 14,000 and 21,000 UK jobs
  • Moorside will be UK’s biggest new nuclear output from a single site
  • Project to be largest-ever private investment in West Cumbria
  • Moorside’s reactors to be fuelled by the Westinghouse UK fuel fabrication facility in Preston


NuGen intends to build three Westinghouse AP1000 reactors on land to the north and west of the Sellafield site in West Cumbria, with a combined output of 3.4GW.
The project will become the UK’s biggest new nuclear output from a single site – and Europe’s largest new nuclear construction plan.
The combination of owners Toshiba and GDF SUEZ will form a powerful joint-venture to drive the project forward – with Westinghouse as technology provider. The Moorside project will be the largest-ever private investment in West Cumbria.
As part of today’s announcement by Toshiba and GDF SUEZ, a new NuGen management team will also be formed, under the leadership of Chief Executive Sandy Rupprecht.
He will be concentrating on immediate project milestones such as site assessments, site lay-out, and recruitment of leading nuclear professionals to join the project.
Each of the three Westinghouse reactors will take approximately four years to build. When fully operational, the Moorside site is expected to deliver around seven percent of the UK’s future electricity requirements – the most from any single nuclear site in Britain.
A deal has also been concluded with the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) on the extension of a land option agreement for the Moorside site.
When fully operational, NuGen’s three Moorside reactors will deliver enough low-carbon electricity to power six million homes. The first reactor is targeted to come online in 2024 – with full commercial operation of 3.4GW targeted to be delivered by 2026.
The fuel for the reactors will be supplied by the Springfields Fuel Fabrication facility near Preston, securing indigenous UK fuel supply.
The Moorside project supports the UK Government’s low-carbon and energy security objectives at a time when existing power plants are retiring and low-carbon generation is required to meet national and international commitments.
The Westinghouse AP1000 reactor—a pressurised water reactor—is licensed by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Currently, eight AP1000 reactors are under construction globally. The AP1000 has completed stage 1 of the UK regulator’s Generic Design Assessment (GDA).
Commenting on the news of the deal between Toshiba and GDF SUEZ, new NuGen CEO Sandy Rupprecht said the company would be powering forward with Europe’s largest new build project.
“Moorside is the most exciting new nuclear build project in Europe, without a doubt. We will be taking forward our project in West Cumbria, the UK’s nuclear heartland – and we expect the national and regional economies to benefit extensively from the Moorside development.”
“We will be working closely with our stakeholders, to keep them informed and included in the process, and we will be working towards building a robust business case for the project.”
“We will also be looking for the best people to come and join us, to support our project.”
NuGen will be focusing on site assessments and site lay-out in 2014 and in to next year, when it will undertake its first public consultation on its plans.

For further information please contact:
John McNamara Tel: 07850 774377 Email: Or
Kathryn Booth Tel: 01946 691281 Email:

SUPPLY CHAIN OPPORTUNITIES for NIA details for detail of the supply chain locations and jobs involved

We are committed to maximising the use of UK-based suppliers and employees in our Moorside project.
We will give preference to UK civil contractors who will be clearly involved in the process. We are also keen to draw on the existing local expertise in the nuclear industry within West Cumbria. Our commitment to the local community and where appropriate suppliers, is demonstrated by the establishment of our permanent base at Westlakes Science & Technology Park from where we will help contribute to Cumbria’s “Energy Coast”.
We are currently in the early stages of developing our plan for how we will effectively and proactively involve the supply chain and expect to have more information to share throughout 2014.
As part of our Moorside development, NuGen is issuing tenders for work on our site assessments programme, which we are due to re-launch in autumn 2014. These tenders will be posted here, on NuGen’s website, and via the Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster website. These are the current tenders:
Current Opportunities
L148 British Energy Coast RFP for Geo Hydro Drilling


To Whom It May Concern:
RIZZO Associates (RIZZO) is providing a proposal for Geotechnical and Hydrogeological Site Characterisation Services at the Moorside Site in Cumbria, UK. As part of this effort, Geotechnical and Hydrogeological services are required.

L127 Britain’s Energy Coast Business Cluster RFP Age Dating Drilling


RIZZO Associates (RIZZO) is undertaking a Site Suitability Study at the Moorside Site in Cumbria, United Kingdom, on behalf of Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC and NuGeneration Limited (NuGen). As part of this effort, Age Dating Drilling will be performed.
You are hereby invited to submit a bid for consideration via this Request for Proposal
How does NuGen intend to work with suppliers?
We are committed to maximising the use of UK-based suppliers in our plans four our Moorside project, and in particular we are keen to draw on the existing local expertise in the nuclear industry within West Cumbria.
We would expect that any supply chain engagement programme would need to involve the selected technology vendor and their alliance partners as well as NuGen. So for this reason we are not quite ready to start to engage with suppliers but expect to be in a position where we can start some engagement in 2014.
In the meantime we are working on the development of a mechanism that suppliers will use to register their interest in working with us on the Moorside project and will communicate more on this just as soon as we can. We also expect to host a supply chain event in the West Cumbria area and again will share more on this when we can. NuGen is committed to achieving excellence in the UK nuclear supply chain.
For more general information on nuclear supply chain check:

Transformational Wylfa Newydd Project
People across North Wales will have the chance to have their say on Horizon Nuclear Power’s proposed new nuclear power station on Anglesey, Wylfa Newydd, as ten weeks of consultation gets underway today.

The consultation is the first major step in the planning process for the development and will cover all aspects of Horizon’s proposals, taking in everything from construction to transport to how it might affect the Welsh language and the economy of the region. People will have the chance to input their views at public exhibitions and drop-in events across the island and North-West Wales, as well as through a dedicated website:
The power station, which is proposed to begin generation in the first half of the 2020s, will bring billions of pounds of investment and thousands of jobs to the region during the construction phase. Once electricity generation begins up to 1000 people will be employed at the site, providing long-term, high-quality jobs for people from the local community.
Alan Raymant, Chief Operating Officer at Horizon, said: “This is a big step forward for a project that will contribute to the future prosperity of North Wales for many years to come. Not only will it provide direct job opportunities, it will also build and support an extensive local supply chain and inspire the region’s young people.”
He continued: “We are really keen that everyone gets involved in our consultation and lets us know what they think of our proposals. Between now and early December we’ll be out and about talking to people across the region and this feedback will help us develop our plans further.”

Local supply chain perspective:
EDF Energy plans to invest in a multi-billion pound project in Somerset over the next decade. Approximately one-third of the investment is planned for the nuclear reactor island, with the remaining two-thirds required for associated construction and civil engineering works, as well as aligned activity such as business services.
As part of its procurement strategy for Hinkley Point C, EDF Energy has partnered with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce to identify and support local businesses that want to become part of the supply chain. The Somerset Chamber is the first point of contact for local business and agencies wishing to engage in the construction of this proposed nuclear new build project. This website forms the central resource for all Somerset businesses who wish to make the most of the opportunities arising out of the development.
This website will enable your company to:

  • Register your interest in supplying the project by completing a short online form. Your capabilities will then be made available to EDF Energy and interested Tier 1 contractors.
  • Update your company details as your company develops its capabilities and standards.
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments including build schedules and contracts out for tender.
  • Access a library of reference material and training documents.
  • Find information and contact details for business support partners that will help you meet the quality and safety standards required.
  • Engage with others on technical and business training events and information days designed by the Chamber and its partners to help local businesses get ‘Hinkley ready’.
  • Meet one-to-one with Tier1 contractors for the Hinkley Project through a series of Meet the Buyer events.

Businesses located outside the Somerset local area, including those with operations in the south west and the rest of the UK, EDF Energy may be interested in the supplier portals for the proposed new build at Sizewell in Suffolk . Please click here to access this site.
Click image below to see what Hinkley Point C will look like when complete.

Contract Timetable

Contract Timetable – Latest Information
After a rigorous, evidence-based examination of EDF Energy’s application to build Hinkley Point C in Somerset by the Planning Inspectorate, the Secretary of State for Energy approved the Development Consent Order Application on 19 March 2013.
Other regulatory permissions with regard to nuclear and environmental licenses were granted in 2012 and 2013. And permission to construct and operate a temporary jetty was granted by the Marine Management Organisation in 2012.
Negotiations between EDF Energy and the UK Government on a contract for difference for the electricity produced by Hinkley Point C are continuing and both sides have characterised them as positive.New investors are being engaged and a final investment decision is expected after agreement is reached with investors and Government.
The latest information on work packages can be found below.
Temporary Jetty – Contract placed with Dean and Dyball (part of the Balfour Beatty Group)
Earthworks – Placed with Kier Bam JV who have been carrying out design works in advance of starting work on the site.
Main Civils Works – Preferred bidder is BYLOR (a joint venture between
Bouygues TP and Laing O’Rourke). An Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) arrangement is in place to allow EDF Energy and BYLOR to jointly consider the engineering, planning, interfaces and construction methodology before works commence on site.
Marine Works – Preferred bidder is due to be announced later this year and ECI works with the selected contractor will commence in Q4 2013.
Remediation – The phased works to remove the asbestos left on the site after the construction of Hinkley Point A during the 1960’s was concluded. The work was undertaken by Hydrock and will recommence as other areas become available.
11Kv SW – A contract to construct an11Kv switch room was placed with PJ Carey in 2012 – This work is now complete.
Ancillary Buildings – The first package of this work is awaiting the issue of the Invitation To Tender, expected now during 2014.

Tenders for the following have been assessed and the preferred bidders for these packages will be announced after the final investment decision is made.

Campus Accommodation
Park & Rides
Combwich Wharf upgrades
Cannington Bypass
Highways Improvements – Some of the highway improvement works have been started by Aggregate Industries (Bardon).
A contract to build two new sports playing pitches in Bridgwater has also been placed with Aggregate Industries.

Construction Electrical Supplies – Placed with UK Power Networks to start post final investment decision
Main Electrical Erection – Tenders out early 2014 – ECI work expected late 2014
Small Power and Lighting – Tenders out 2014
BNI Mechanical Installation – Stage 1 tenders reviews in progress. ECI work to commence in Q4 2013.
HVAC supply and install – Tenders due out late 2013. ECI work expected 2014
Various Electrical Equipment – Tenders out 2014/2015
NSSS Design – Design work underway on Nuclear Steam Supply System – AREVA has been selected as the delivery partner for this package.
Main Turbines – Preferred bidder to be announced late 2013. ECI work to commence in Q4 2013.

These cover the services needed to operate and maintain the construction site and associated development sites including:
Plant hire
Hotel Management
Hard & Soft FM
We expect the procurement processes for this suite of work packages to begin late 2013 and continue through to 2015.
As contractors work to develop their bids, the Somerset Hinkley Supply Chain Team continue to provide a local supplier matching solution to assist Tier 1 contractors engage effectively and support the EDF Energy commitment to local communities. For contractors seeking a base in Somerset or partnership opportunities with Somerset businesses the inward investment team for the county – Into Somerset, can provide tailored support. or call 0845 1222 066.

Strengthening Supply Chains – November 2014 – Download PDF



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