Hinkley Power Station

Hinkley C Power Station is a huge project that Cumbrian firms are already getting involved with.
There are several contract packages involved.

The work packages are expected to include:
civil works
handling ventilation
conventional island
balance of plant
nuclear island
electrical equipment and instrumentation
mechanical equipment
associated developments
site operation services

Below is a summary so you can see if you want to get involved. The next step is then to call in and see Val Robinson or Stuart Klosinski at The Supply Chain Growth CentreTM Barrow so we can give you 1-to-1 specific help to start to enter this market. Also see http://www.hinkleysupplychain.co.uk /  to find out how the firms in Somerset are able to access information about this project. It is worth monitoring what is on it for your own needs.

Earthworks – Encompassing the preparation of the whole site ready for the main civil works. It includes the installation of utilities to support both main construction and that of the sea wall.
Main Civils – Covers the construction of all the main power station buildings. Also included is the supply of all concrete on site via 4 batching plants. The preferred bidder for this contract is a joint venture between Laing O’Rourke and Bouygues TP known as BYLOR. Bouygues TP are the main civils contractor at the Flamanville 3 nuclear power station development in France.
Access Roads & Networks – The construction of the permanent roads and networks.
Ancillary Buildings Phases 1 & 2 – The construction and fit out of 20 buildings that support the main power station that include medical facilities, a public information centre and the site training facility.
Containment Airlocks – Each containment building has a number of personnel airlocks. The contract is for the supply and installation of these assemblies.
Containment Large Equipment Hatches – Each containment building has a large equipment hatch which is 9m in diameter, the contract is for the supply and installation of the hatch and its operating equipment.
Marine Works – Covering the construction of systems used to bring in cooling water into the power station. The contract includes the construction of three large tunnels, between 6m and 7m in diameter, which with stretch out up to three 3km under the Severn Estuary. The contract also includes the construction of a temporary aggregate delivery jetty on the site and the formation a number of smaller tunnels and galleries within the site itself. Costain has been announced as the preferred bidder for this contract.
Variety of Special Doors and Shielded Doors – Several contracts will be placed to supply and install a number of high integrity doors and hatches that will be used within the plant. The doors are typically fire proof, airtight, waterproof and are reinforced against shock waves or explosions. Radiation shielding doors are resistant to the Gamma radiation and/or neutrons.
Handling & Ventilation  This group of contracts cover the supply, and in some cases the installation, of high integrity lifting equipment that will be used in the Nuclear Buildings. It also covers equipment and classified heating and ventilation systems.
Fuel Handling – New nuclear fuel handling systems will be supplied and installed in each unit.
Polar Crane & Heavyweight Handling – Two very large cranes will be supplied and installed within the containment buildings of each unit. These are used for heavy equipment installation and subsequent plant operations.
Spent Fuel transport systems – A number of systems will be supplied and installed to safely move spent fuel within the plant area.
HK & HQ Cranes – A wide variety of high integrity cranes will be supplied & installed in the containment and fuel buildings. These will be gantry and overhead travelling types and will be used to transport heavy plant items during construction and operation.
Lifts and Goods Lifts – This contract covers the supply and installation of over forty lifts within the power station’s main buildings. Some of these will be high integrity lifts and the contractor will be required to maintain the lifts during the construction phase.
Hoists – This contract covers the supply and installation of a range of equipment hoists which will be used during plant operation. This equipment is not intended to be used during the construction phase.
HVAC for Classified Buildings – This is a large supply and installation contract which will provide all the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems within the nuclear safety classified buildings. The preferred bidder for this contract is a joint venture between Doosan Babcock, Axima Concept and Tunzini known as ACTAN.
Chillers – The contract covers the supply of chillers. The chillers are used for a variety of systems for both the cooling of air and process water.
Ventilation Stack – A ventilation stack will be installed on each unit, these are approximately 36m tall. Each ventilation stack houses measurement equipment and temperature sensors, to survey gaseous waste released during the operational phase. The contract is to supply and install the stacks on the roofs of each the fuel buildings within the Nuclear Island.
Conventional Island  This group of contracts encompasses the power generation plant to be located in buildings constructed by the Main Civils contractor.
Main Turbine Generators  This large contract covers the design manufacture, erection and commissioning of the turbine, generator, feed water plant and auxiliary systems on both units. The preferred bidder for this contract is Alstom Power who provided the turbine systems at Flamanville 3 and many nuclear power plants around the world.
Large Capacity Travelling Cranes  This contract covers the supply of all crane systems within the conventional island. This ranges from the very large 300 tonne travelling cranes needed to assemble the main turbines to smaller cranes needed during normal operation. The contract includes for the design, manufacture, transportation, installation and commissioning of the 29 cranes required.
Inspection of Condenser Tubes  The contract covers the equipment used for the periodic inspection of the main turbine condenser tubes.
Non-Classified HVAC  The scope of this contract is the provision of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems within the conventional parts of the plant inclusive of turbine halls and offices, electrical buildings, water treatment buildings and a variety of corridors, galleries and stairwells
Balance of Plant  This grouping of contracts covers both the supply of equipment which will be installed by others and the supply of systems that will be manufactured, installed & commissioned.
Security Doors, Grids and Blast Dampers  The contract covers the design, manufacture, on-site assembly and installation of various doors, blast dampers, grids and traps. There are several hundred types of doors and grids required for each unit.
Pump house Pumps  This contract covers the design, manufacture, qualification and supply of over thirty pumps within the two cooling water pump houses. Support during installation and commissioning is also included
PSAD  This contract covers the supply of the plant condition monitoring systems which will be used to check on the health of major plant items and systems on both units.
Power Transmission  This large contract covers the supply and installation of the high voltage equipment needed to transmit the electricity generated by the main turbines. It includes the supply of the very large generator and station transformers and their cooling and fire protection systems. The preferred bidder for this contract is ABB (ASEA Brown Boveri).
Physical and Electronic Security Systems  This contract covers the supply and installation of all the permanent site security systems including the fences, CCTV and access control equipment.
KRS Environmental Monitoring  The whole site will have an installed system to monitor environmental and radiological conditions. This contract supplies the equipment which will be installed by others.
HP- Filtration  The cooling water pump houses contain a variety of systems that filter the sea water used to cool the main areas of the plant. This contract covers the supply of 2 drum screen systems and 2 band screen systems on each unit. The systems will be installed by others.
HOR Thermal Driven Pumps  This contract covers the supply of several diesel driven raw water pumps that are provided as emergency standby plant. The pumps will be installed by others.
Fish Recovery Equipment  A fish recovery system is being provided on each unit to safety return live fish, captured within the cooling water intakes, back into the Bristol Channel. The systems will be installed by others.
Gas Plant  This contract is to provide platforms for the safe storage of Nitrogen / Hydrogen & Oxygen / Argon gases which will be held in road tankers or in bottled systems. The work will include compound walls and associated pipework necessary to connect into the site gas system networks.
Embedded Frames for Security Doors, Grids and Blast Dampers
Approximately 900 frames are required for Grids & Dampers & Traps and 170 frames are needed for security doors. The frames will be installed by the main civils contractor under supervision of the supplier.
Water Treatment Systems  The contract covers the supply, installation and commissioning of water treatment, demineralisation and degassing plant systems needed to provide process water for the primary and secondary circuits of the both units.
CRF Motor Driven Pumps  This contract is for the supply of the 4 large circulating water pumps located within the cooling water pump houses. These pumps are to be installed by others under the supervision of the supplier.
Cathodic Protection  This covers the provision installation and all necessary inspection and testing including the commissioning of the equipment needed within the cooling water pump houses to minimise sea water corrosion.
BCI Mechanical Erection  This installation contract covers the manufacture, supply and erection of the auxiliary piping systems located within the galleries and trenches and throughout various buildings in the conventional island on both units. It also includes the installation of equipment supplied by others.
Auxiliary Boilers  The contract includes the manufacture, on-site assembly (erection) and commissioning of auxiliary boilers for both units. The work will include civil, M&E and instrumentation works along with fire protection and HVAC systems
Nuclear Island  This group of contracts covers the supply and installation of main and auxiliary plant systems within the nuclear parts of the power station.
TES Process (Solid Waste Treatment System)  The equipment is required to process and treat solid rad waste arising from normal plant operations. The contract covers the detailed design, manufacturing, installation, inspection, testing & commissioning of equipment.
TEP & TEG Process and Equipment (Coolant storage and treatment)
The supply and installation of equipment required to process and monitor liquid radioactive waste arising’s from normal plant operations. It is a combination of a number of equipment supply packages and an installation contract.
Radioprotection Process KRT (Plant Radiation Monitoring System)
Provision of the radiological sampling, analysis and monitoring systems for the site. The contract includes the manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the equipment.
Radioprotection Dosimetry KRC (Body contamination and dosimetry control system)
This contract provides the personnel dosimetry system for the site. This includes portable devices and wall mounted hand and body monitors. The scope of the contract includes the design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the equipment.
Nuclear Steam Supply System  This contract covers the supply and installation of the nuclear steam supply systems (NSSS) for both units. This very large contract has been awarded to Areva who have supplied the NSSS system to Flamanville 3 and many other nuclear power plants worldwide. The core components of the NSSS include the reactor pressure vessel, steam generators, pressuriser, coolant lines and coolant pumps. The work also includes the provision of the high integrity instrument and control systems.
Filters Handling Machine  This plant replaces spent liquid filters with new, and transports the replaced unit to where it can be processed for long term storage. This is a heavily shielded machine due to the activity of the filters. The contract covers the design, qualification, manufacture, installation, inspection, testing and commissioning of the equipment.
Diesel Fire Protection  This contract is to provide the Fire Protection Systems in the diesel generator buildings and the effluent treatment building. The systems are required to automatically extinguish fires in the diesel rooms, associated fuel storage tanks, oil and solvent storage areas and within the containers and lorry access areas. The scope of the contract includes the design, manufacture, testing, installation and commissioning of the equipment.
BNI Mechanical Erection  This large contract covers the erection works of mechanical equipment on site and the connection to the auxiliary piping systems on both units within the balance of the Nuclear Islands which is not part of the Nuclear Steam Supply System contract. The preferred bidder for this contract is a Joint Venture between Cavendish Nuclear and Boccard Nuclear. Boccard are the nuclear island mechanical installation contractor at Flamanville 3.
Electrical Equipment, Instrumental and I & C  This grouping contains a number of supply only equipment contracts and a number of supply and installation contracts. The group includes:
Uninterruptible Power Supply Units, Chargers & Inverters
This contract deals with the supply of Uninterruptible Power Supply Units (UPS), DC/AC Inverters, battery chargers and DC cabinets for both units. It includes support during the installation and commissioning phases.
Small Power & Lighting (all Island)  This contract covers the supply and installation of small power and internal lighting systems within the permanent plant buildings.
SBO Diesel Generators  The contract covers the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of 4 emergency diesel generators. (2 per unit)
Main Diesel Generators  The contract covers the design, manufacture, factory testing, qualification, on site installation and commissioning of 8 x 10 kV emergency diesel generator units (4 per unit). The contract includes all mechanical & electrical installation works.
Main Control Room Set-Up  The contract is for the set up of 3 main control rooms and their adjoining rooms. One for each unit and one for the onsite simulator housed within the training facility.
IT & Communications Networks  This contract covers the plant requirements for emergency communications and operational communications to be in-place when the station is operational. It includes telephone, wireless, video and computer networks & systems.
Intermediate Simulator  The contract is to supply a simulator to be used for operator training. It will include a full scope replica of the HPC main control room and a second reduced scope, fully independent, classroom training simulator.
Full Scale Simulator  This package will provide a High Fidelity Simulator with actual plant data and emulation of I&C that will be left with the plant to support on-going training during plant operations. It will replace the intermediate simulator hardware & software.
Instrumentation (Supply Only)  This contract covers the supply of a variety of instrumentation equipment that will be installed across the site. The plant and materials supplied are intended for the control and safety functions, control and test measurements necessary for the normal and continuous operation of the industrial processes throughout the 2 EPR units. The equipment will be installed by others.
Hydrogen & Fire Detection  The scope of the contract covers the design, manufacture, qualification, assembly, installation, inspection and commissioning of the fire and hydrogen detection systems. The systems will be installed on both units and in some common areas.
Electrical Penetrations through Containment Buildings  Electrical Penetrations provide electrical connections through the containment of the reactor building. The contract scope is for the design, manufacture, qualification, erection and commissioning on site.
Electrical Erection  The scope of this contract covers the installation of the main electrical distribution systems for each of the 2 units at HPC. This contract will involve the installation of free issue equipment. The scope also includes the supply of a wide range of qualified materials and equipment which include:
• Cable trays
• Distribution cabinets
• Control panels
• High voltage power cables
• Low voltage power cables
• Control cables
The preferred bidder for this large contract is a joint venture between Balfour Beatty and NG Bailey.
Batteries  The supply of the emergency battery systems are divided into 2 separate contracts for diversity. The scope includes qualification of the equipment to standard and accidental conditions, manufacture, supervision during erection, tests and technical assistance to commissioning on site plus spare parts for commissioning.
Balance of Switchboards HV/LV & LV/LV Transformers  The scope of this contract is the supply of Low voltage switchboards and Medium voltage/low voltage and low voltage/low voltage transformers for the Nuclear Island, Conventional Island and balance of plant areas on both units. The contract includes technical qualification of products, manufacturing and installation supervision and commissioning supervision.
10kV Switchboards  The scope of this contract is to supply 22 x 10kV switchboards per unit. It includes qualification, manufacturing, installation supervision and commissioning supervision.
Site Operation Services  This group of contracts covers the services needed by the HPC workforce and construction contractors to enable the efficiently deliver the project. The group includes:
Facilities Management  The contract will provide services to all the common site offices and some associated development sites.
Hotel Services  The contract is for the operation of the campus accommodation sites. This will include guest services, cleaning, building maintenance, catering and bars.
Catering  All catering services across the project will be provided under this contract. The catering contractor will provide services to the campus operator.
Infrastructure Operations  This service covers the management of the common areas within the construction site and will include traffic management, road maintenance and minor civil works.
Waste Management  A common waste management contract will be provided to be used by all on the construction site contractors.
Bus Services  The off-site and on site transportation of workers will be provided by this contract.
FF&E  The furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E) requirements of the common facilities provided by NNB will be sourced via this contract.
Reprographics  The provision of a reprographics & digital media service from off-site facilities and, in time, from an on-site facility will be provided under this contract.
Construction Utilities  The management and maintenance of all the construction site utilities will be covered under this contract. This includes potable water, waste water, HV & LV electrical networks. Some minor medication works will be included.
Marine Services  All things associated with marine operation not covered by the construction contractors own equipment transport arrangements will be covered here. This will involve the operation of the wharf at Combwich and supporting the operation of the temporary aggregates jetty by the main civil contractor and meeting the statutory requirement associated with operating a harbour.
Security Infrastructure  The provision and maintenance of all the security systems on site and at all the AD sites will be covered by this contract.
Fleet Management  The contract covers the supply and maintenance of 4×4 vehicles used by NNB and for a small fleet of pool cars.
Fuel Supply, Storage and Distribution  After the main earthworks contract completes, the supply and management of fuel supplies on the construction site will be covered by this contract. It will involve the management of the site fuel farm, distribution of fuel and managing invoicing.
Tool Hire Franchise  A plant hire provision will be required on site, this will cover small tool hire, access equipment and small plant.
Scaffolding  The provision of a common scaffolding service is envisaged once the project moved into the M&E phase. Up to this point the service will be provided via the main civils contractor.
Security Services  The provision of the construction site and associated developments security management and workforce is provided under the contract which was awarded to G4S in 2015
Associated Developments  This group of contracts are required to enable the construction of the power station and to mitigate the impact of the main plant construction activities on the local community and infrastructure. The group includes:
Cannington Bypass  Cannington Bypass will divert traffic away from the centre of Cannington village and will remain in place following construction of the power station. This contract was placed with Aggregate Industries and will be completed in early 2016.
Highway Improvement Works  A variety of highway improvement works have been taking place since 2013. These have been carried out by Aggregate Industries and are planned to be completed in 2017.
Campus Accommodation  The contract is for the detailed design and construction of the campus facilities planned to support the construction of HPC. They will include separate accommodation blocks and amenity centres which will contain restaurants, bars, shops and sport facilities.
Construction Electrical Supplies  The scope of this contract covers the design, construction and commissioning of the construction electrical supplies network. This contract has been awarded to UK Power Networks.
Jetty Main Civil Works  The contract covers the design, manufacture and construction of the 500m temporary jetty located on the North West corner of the main construction site. The scope incudes all off shore works and the construction of onsite civils works into the site road system. The contract is part of the marine works package.
Combwich Wharf Construction  The contract involves the upgrade of the goods wharf at Combwich, which has been used to bring Abnormal Indivisible Loads (AILs) to the Hinkley Site since the early 1960’s. The scope includes the detailed design & construction of access roads and enhancements at the Combwich wharf facility to provide an enlarged AIL quay, goods wharf and berthing bed and an adjacent laydown area.
Park & Ride Facilities
4 park & ride facilities will be provided for use by the construction workforce. The 2 sites selected for development in Bridgwater include freight management Centres. The contracts to provide these vary from modification of existing facilities to complete green field site construction. The work will be covered by 3 contracts.
Provision of Spare Transformers  The project will utilise 2 existing grid transformers for the construction electrical supplies. These were originally installed to support Hinkley Point A operation and need to be upgraded. The contract covers the manufacture, installation and testing of the replacement transformers and associated auxiliary transformers and the intermediate switch room.
Mechanical Equipment  This grouping contains a number of supply only equipment contracts. The packages cover the supply of:
• Compressors
• Tanks
• Demineralisers
• Classified Pumps
• Pumps
• Heat Exchangers
• Filters
The suppliers will be required to support the installation and commissioning tests of the equipment supplied.
Valves  This grouping covers the supply only of a variety of valves which will be installed by others. The packages include:
• Vent Check Valves
• Non-Classified Valves and Check Valves
• Control Valves
• Classified Plug Valves
• Classified Diaphragm Valves
• Classified Butterfly Valves
• Safety Relief Valves
• Pressure Reducing Valves and Back-pressure Regulators
• Containment Isolation Valves
• Non-classified Plug Valves
• Non-classified Diaphragm Valves
• Non-classified Butterfly Valve
• Classified Globe Check Valves and Globe Valves
• Low Pressure Check Valves
• Classified Gate Valves Swing Check Valves and Globe Valves

site operations services will embrace:
facilities management
infrastructure operations such as traffic management
waste management
transport(bus) services
furniture fixtures and equipment
construction utilities
marine services
security infrastructure
fleet management
fuel supply storage
tool hire
security services
You can find out more about these needs at www.hinkleysupplychain.cio.uk/work-packages/site-operation-services/ and by contacting either stuart@fedf.co.uk or val@fedf.co.uk, tel: 01229314100.You can also visit us at The Supply Chain Growth Centre,Emlyn Hughes House,Abbey Road, Barrow in Furness, LA145PQ

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