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The new SW Cumbria supply chain programme is based in and can be accessed at The Supply Chain Growth CentreTM on the first floor of Trinity Enterprise Centre,Ironworks Road, Barrow and at a satellite office in Millom Network Centre.

Primarily financed through a Coastal Communities Fund grant from the Department for Communities and Local Government this supply chain strengthening programme aims to

  • help established, new and incoming businesses especially small and medium sized companies, engage more effectively within supply chains of larger companies ;
  • assist firms to capture much more of the £20bn-40bn spend that is planned to take place over the next few years.

An initial target is to help secure between £30m- £60m of contracts that might otherwise go outside the coastal area and to help businesses explore new supply chain markets beyond the coastal SW Cumbria area.

Businesses located within an area extending across the whole of the Furness and Cartmel peninsulas and to the north of Millom, or eastwards as far as Witherslack/Lindal in Cartmel are able to tap into the programme.

The programme ….

  • helps small and medium sized companies (smes) to capture more spend from supply chain activity associated with major manufacturing and construction or business to business service growth
  • enables smes to overcome barriers to supply chain entry
  • builds their capacity to bid for, win and retain new supply chain business
  • informs local residents of all ages about emerging career paths training potential and  jobs.
  •  offers subsidies to smes to persuade them to take on new apprentices provided the companies are operating in supply chains.

The projected outcomes of the programme include a more resilient sme business base operating efficiently in supply chains whether these be local, national, or international. They also seek to create sustainable jobs for local people.

The targeted outputs by the start of 2018 are to:

  • capture £30-60m of supply chain spend
  • assist up to 300 businesses
  • help those businesses create 250 new jobs
  • and facilitate creation of 50 new apprenticeships

A small team delivers the programme from The Supply Chain Growth CentreTM, Trinity Enterprise Centre in Barrow and from Millom’s  Network Centre, the later on a part time basis.

The Supply Chain Growth support team’s commitment is to deliver One-to-One support or assistance to groups of businesses which wish to gain a share of emerging work and contracts and to develop a really active “SME” supplier base capable of supporting prime contractors Tier 1, 2 company supply chain requirements.The team comprises:
Stuart Klosinski – Programme and Project Manager
E: / Tel: 07836254721

You can call in and discuss your supply chain needs with any of the team between 08.30 and 5.00pm Monday to Friday at Unit 4 Trinity Enterprise Centre,  Barrow in Furness LA14.  Alternatively we will visit your site to discuss your supply chain growth needs.

Supply Chain Strengthening and Transforming Skills will help your company to fully exploit, and benefit from, coastal Cumbria’s major construction, defence,energy life-sciences, electronics infrastructure and manufacturing projects. An insight into some of these is shown in an attached schedule. The support scheme also aims to create a lasting legacy, an outcome where the coastal area has a more resilient business and economic base comprising firms able to collaborate or  be capable of trading successfully beyond Furness across the UK, and in export activity.

The Barrow office, which also has co-located a number of other organisations including the framework contractors supporting BAE Systems new “foundations for the future” £525m shipyard modernisation construction programme, the Cumbria Growth Hub and UKTI export service. The team are also working closely with Britain’s Energy Coast West Cumbria through Millom Network Centre.

The services on offer range through direct 1-to-1 specialist advice to individual smes through to facilitation of events and access to clear information about emerging contracts.

We are now offering businesses and individuals new services through work-streams which include:

• CONTRACT PIPELINES, AWARENESS RAISING enabling your businesses to easily access information on active and upcoming pipeline of contracts and the packages of work involved.  This will informs company owners, procurement and marketing teams of the huge amount of new investment scheduled to or taking place to facilitate  new of life sciences, defence, subsea electronics, energy, road power, transport and rail developments or new manufacturing activity or public sector schools, health care and business park sites. It also facilitates access to key contacts either within the organisations proposing developments their main contractors or also helps companies access local and national supplier opportunities on projects such as Hinkley C power station;HS2 and other schemes in either the private sector , local authority Utilities and NHS capital programmes or the National Infrastructure Programme. This information will be offered on a 1-to-1 basis and through web or app services.

• DEVELOPMENT OF A FURNESS SUPPLIER GROUP OR GROUPS to facilitate flexible new ways for small groups of firms to address supply chain barriers, develop ways to provide innovative supply chain offers, realisation of opportunities, or facilitate networking access to best practice. Also enabling firms to form connections and network enabling businesses to know who to talk with and “open doors” to key contacts in large firms or potential collaboration partners so as to pave the way for bidding for and winning contracts;

• CAPABILITIES GUIDE , COMPANY REGISTER DEVELOPMENT to inform large companies about capacity and capabilities in the coastal area’s business base and enable sme sized companies to explore collaborative ventures by understanding what is on offer in other businesses. This information will be offered on a 1-to-1 basis and through web or app services.

• GAP ANALYSIS OF GAPS IN SUPPLY CHAIN CAPABILITY so as to identify opportunities for companies to exploit or to attract inward investment which can work with local suppliers or foster growth of new businesses locally which seek to fill identified gaps. This information will be offered on a 1-to-1 basis and through web or app services;

• INTENSIVE ONE-TO-ONE SUPPORT to help firms with bespoke assistance which can include for example identification of who to contact in large companies, understanding and developing accreditations or pre-qualification registrations, access to finance grants, finding sites for suppliers or skills or developing systems and processes to become fit to bid for and win contracts. Expert advisers can be provided to help businesses develop responses to contracts’ requirements and understand accreditation needs, pre-qualification requirements and put in place processes, procedures, capacity and capability to then go on to bid for contracts. Where required training and advice can be offered through the scheme to address these factors;

• BROKERING LINKS BETWEEN SUPPLIERS AND BUYERS so that meaningful relationships can be forged and businesses can be encouraged to develop supply chain partnerships. Also to enable project contract needs and innovation requirements to be better understood.We will provide this help on a 1-to-1 basis or through events seminars workshops or small groups. Specific meet the specifier or meet the buyer opportunities will also emerge from this work-stream;

• DELIVERY OF SUPPLY CHAIN GROWTH BEST PRACTICE ASSISTANCE through conferences, workshops, seminars to help build capacity, these to include;

– bespoke workshops and events to de-mystify the tender process and brief firms on prequalifying requirements;
– supplier to supplier networking and help to build collaborative ventures were SMEs can pool their resources;
– facilitating access to finance such as Cumbria Chamber of Commerce’s Growth Hub, Cumbria Growth Fund grants, innovation, export and other help including University expertise;

• CAREER PATH AND NEW JOBS AWARENESS RAISING alerting residents to the opportunities these developments present for individuals to take up new career paths, jobs or apprenticeships; provision of information on skills demand and supply and access to resources of Furness College, Universities, private sector providers and bodies such as National Skills Academy Nuclear, Choose South Cumbria @_southcumbria.

• APPRENTICESHIP BURSARIES – SUBSIDIES to persuade SME owners (provided firms are operating in supply chains) to take on new apprentices that become the supply chain workforce of the future;

These services will help your company to both address the most challenging barriers facing your organisation in developing its supply chain presence and deliver help to realise new contract opportunities.The new services will also engage with existing providers of support including Cumbria Growth Hub Furness College UKTI and Innovus to ensure businesses get all possible support they will need to grow.

We hope you find this introduction helpful and that you will engage with and benefit from the new programme which HM Government is financing through its Coastal Communities Fund.

For probably the first time there is now dedicated supply chain support available through a Supply Chain Growth Centre offering firms a stepping stone towards accessing potentially huge new contract opportunities.

If you would like a detailed discussion about how the new programme can assist you call one of the team to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to meet with you.

You can also follow or become engaged in the activities of the programme through the Twitter site @fedfsupplychain or through this new website

We look forward to assisting your supply chain growth ambitions.


MAJOR DEVELOPMENTS in Furness, West Cumbria-part of the Northern Powerhouse, Aug 2015

Context: West Cumbria and Furness will experience unprecedented investment in new facilities/infrastructure estimated at up to £20bn to 2021 and strategic manufacturing worth £22bn out to the late 2030s’. FEDF delivery plan focuses on skills supply chain infrastructure environment with the supply chain priority made possible through a Coastal Communities Fund Round 3 grant for strengthening supply chains and transforming skills that will capture £30-60m of new business; support 300 businesses create 250 indirect jobs and 50 employer led apprenticeships.

Objectives: enable businesses to seize upon new opportunities, capture more supply chain spend, use period (2015-2030s’) of relative prosperity to help firms pre-qualify for, bid to, win, retain contracts; individuals to develop new career paths and create a legacy of a sustainable future for the economy.

Download this information sheet to learn more.

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