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DEME is a global solutions provider for
Dredging & Land Reclamation
Marine & Offshore Solutions
Fluvial & Marine Aggregates
Environmental Solutions
Project Development
Infra Marine Solutions

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DEME employs more than 4,600 people and has projects across the globe.

DEME itself was established as a holding company of two leading Belgian dredging contractors: Dredging International and Baggerwerken Decloedt. Both have been instrumental in the construction of the main Belgian ports and the deepening and maintenance of their navigation channels in the North Sea and the River Scheldt. DEME is thus firmly rooted in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking region of Belgium. DEME’s vast body of expertise and experience has been deployed for dyke construction, flood defence work, port construction and for improving maritime access worldwide, spanning three centuries.

DEME (Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering) is a worldwide leader in offshore and marine works. Besides the dredging works, DEME is involved in the offshore renewables market through its subsidiaries GeoSea and Tideway.
GeoSea is the expert foundation installer and has worked from the Barrow-in-Furness port for several offshore wind projects.

GeoSea owns and operates large Jack Up Vessels such as Innovation, Neptune, Thor, Goliath…
Currently the next state-of-the art Jack Up is being built, the Apollo.

Tideway is the expert in cable and scour protection installer and operates large rock placement vessels, such as the Seahorse, Rolling stone and Flintstone.Currently a multi purpose cable lay vessels is being built, the Living Stone.

DEME’s increasing success in the UK market and desire to expand its UK local supply chain, as well as create awareness in the supply chain of the numerous opportunities which exist with GeoSea and Tideway led to a partnership with FEDF to facilitate better access to supplier opportunities by organising a lead in supplier event and subsequent regular liaison with its core team. DEME has its own supplier assessment team and opportunities therefore exist for firms to approach it directly.

Following on from a December 2015 supplier event led by DEME Group at its DEME Offshore Supplier day in Barrow, which was attended by 112 delegates, its two PowerPoint presentations for suppliers are accessible below.


DEME aim to pick up operations, maintenance dredging and marine contracts in UK.
DEME/GeoSea/Tideway/OWA have at least 3 projects secured in the UK with potential for a further 4.

DEME have operated from Barrow through its Tideway subsidiary dropping stone from Stainton Quarry at offshore windfarm sites.

Companies such as Bay Towage and Larkin Engineering have secured contracts supporting DEME vessel and shoreside operations.

The table shows the types of service DEME are seeking from SW Cumbrian and UK based businesses:
Engineering works (temporary and permanent design
Skilled and semi-skilled labour
Accommodation on shore
Office space (short and long term)
Taxi/shuttle services
Technical documentation
Pile fabrication
Jacket fabrication
Mono-pile fabrication
Transition piece fabrication
Cable manufacturing
Secondary steel fabrication
Sea-fastening Fabrication
Transport of foundations
Crane & SPMT hire
Storage area provision
Quay wall
Port services
Engineering (temporary works)
Fabrication (temporary steel works)
Electrical services (temporary/permanent)
Hydraulics installation (temp)
SPMT and crane services
Port services/facilities (including agents, bunkering, chandlers, laydown areas)
Vessels (supply vessels / crew vessels / helicopter)
ROV and diving services
Grouting services and supply
Hydraulic hammer
Large diameter drilling
Small tools/hardware
Electrical services (Temporary electrical set-up)
Hydraulics (Temporary set-up)
Vessel hire
Electrical services (Temporary electrical set-up)
Hydrographic and Geophysical Survey
Skilled and semi-skilled labour
Port services
Engineering services
Hydrographic and Geophysical survey

To approach DEME directly EMAIL
| UK Area Representative | Offshore Renewables
M +32 473 341 725|
GeoSea nv | Geotechnical & Offshore Solutions
DEME Group
Haven 1025 – Scheldedijk 30
B 2070 Zwijndrecht, Belgium

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