The Furness Accommodation Hub website,a link to Check my street, “” and FEDF’s advice available through its partners aim to make it easier for you as a contractor, project manager, business visitor,or individual  moving in to take up a new permanent job to quickly find a choice of hotels, bed and breakfast accommodation, apartments, flats, bungalows or housing to rent or buy for the duration of your stay in Furness.

The Accommodation Hub is the unique local response to the huge increasing demand for overnight,longer stay, hotel or serviced accommodation which is likely to last until 2025.

It addresses your needs for accommodation for 1 night, a few nights, six months or longer.

It also quantifies, through our own research, emerging demand for accommodation from industry, construction and tourism sources to both help existing providers of accommodation to target market their offer.

The Demand  section assists accommodation providers to assess the viability of investing in delivery of new hotels, apartments, “executive” homes or affordable flats and housing or temporary accommodation solutions.

THIS WEEK starting 6th  February 2017 the rental market locally contains

243 properties  within 10 miles of Barrow

140 homes of all types in Barrow and       243 within 10 miles
35 homes of all types in Ulverston and 235 within 10 miles
9  homes of all types in Grange and       417 within 10 miles
14  homes of all types in Millom,                 216 within 10 miles

198   TOTAL

THIS WEEK there are
14 homes of all types in Dalton up from 9 last week

43 flats or apartments located in Barrow, 43 in 5 miles, 68 in 10
10 flats or apartments located in  Ulverston, 19 in 5 miles, 59 in 10
1 flats or apartments located in  Dalton, 46 in 5 miles, 50 in 10
6 flats or apartments located in Grange 10 in 5 miles, 183 in 10
1 flats or apartments located in Millom, 8 in 5 miles, 48 in 10

107 Rooms to Let  are found  within a 10 mile radius of Barrow of which 65 are in Barrow according to

Dalton has 32 rooms, Ulverston has 15, Millom 2

Across Furness and SW Cumbria there are around 1,901 hotel, bed and breakfast spaces on offer, but you will often find that booking levels are very high Monday to Thursday due to business and contractor demand. The majority are located in Barrow (869) with Dalton and Ulverston offering 259 with 399 in Grange and 221 around Newby Bridge.

The local private rented property stock is estimated at 5,288 in Barrow, but vacancies total around 187.There are probably around 545 lettable rooms at this time with Maritime Apartments on Barrow Island offering at the start of February 2017 some 40 new apartments.

Rents for two bed terraced properties (terraced homes make up 46% of the local housing stock) are  around £375 through to £500 or £525 a month.Semi detached two bed homes rent at £450-£525 month whilst three bed homes are £400 to £625 or even £750-£800 month and larger four bed terraced homes from £400 to £575 month with larger semi detached and detached four bed homes available at £850-1,095 month.

DCLG figures suggest between 1,489 and 1,717 empty homes in Barrow in Furness suggest there could be pool of property able to be brought to market to meet local accommodation needs.

For incoming skilled people The Hub offers a quick, better understanding of  the accommodation offer in the suburbs and centres of the main towns and villages . Separate sections describe:
– Accommodation in Barrow;
– Accommodation in Dalton;
– Accommodation in Ulverston;
– Accommodation in Grange;
A Gallery of aerial images enables you to see at a glance the different residential districts, suburbs and where the local facilities are located.

The link to enables you to quickly type in a postcode to find local street by street information covering available shops, schools, amenities, leisure activities across a broad spectrum. You can find your nearest golf,athletics, sports centres, shops, healthcare, doctor, dentist, pharmacy services and special interest groups close by where you might choose to reside. .There is also an insight into local sports social and other activities, taxi, train or bus stations, stops and services.

A link to helps you to find overnight,apartment and long-stay accommodation.
A link to enables you to find rooms in local homes to rent on a weekly basis or for longer.

There are resources to enable you to locate and contact agents offering property to rent or buy, businesses such as:
Corrie and Co, PCLettings.

It uses:
Right Move Barrow and Right Move Dalton or Right Move Ulverston,

Coach House Apartments
Coach House Apartments

You may wish to approach rented accommodation providers such as
Corrie and Co which is offering apartments or serviced accommodation within Devonshire Buildings on Barrow Island which you can view at
Maritime Apartments , Abbey Apartments or Coach House Apartments all located in Barrow in Furness.


The Hub complements offering an overview of what it is like to live,work or base a successful business in Furness and the County of Cumbria by drilling down in more detail into the choice of accommodation available locally in the Furness, Grange and Cartmel peninsulas, Millom, which is the typical Travel to Work Area serving the needs of companies in the Barrow and Furness area.

Our research shows that available accommodation is predominantly found within
1,901 bed-spaces available in local hotels apartments and bed and breakfast facilities.
869 beds are found in Barrow, with 174 in Ulverston and 85 in Dalton.
620 Bed-spaces are on offer in nearby Grange and Newby Bridge. Millom has a smaller supply.
727 bedspaces are either being constructed or likely to come available through new hotels, flats or apartments.
5,288 dwellings are classed as private rented properties in Barrow with around 187 available to rent on 13 December. 2016 delivering 401 bed-spaces added to which are 110 rooms advertised on
There are between 1,489 and 1,700 houses available to convert, upgrade or buy.

There is a cluster of hotels along Abbey Road in Barrow and in Barrow Town Centre. Apartments, A Premier Inn, Travelodge, The Royal Hotel and King Alfred Hotel are located close by Bae Systems.

New apartments and flats are emerging in Barrow at locations close to the town centre in places such as Dalkeith Street, Market Street Storey Square and Hindpool Road. There are proposals for waterside temporary site accommodation facilities adjacent to Buccleugh Dock, Barrow being offered by The Little Box Company.

Current building work is leading to new accommodation provision located in the suburban areas of Barrow at Oxford Street, as the Victoria Park Flats creating 18 flats in a listed former hotel.

The Wheatsheaf, a development by Blake Henderson, is now open at Walney Road,Barrow. It has been let in its entirety in January 2017 to an incoming contractor  working at Bae Systems, which is within three minutes walk of DDH.

Continued expansion on Barrow Island of Maritime Apartments Is delivering new apartments in quarter 1 of 2017.

In Ulverston further apartment/flat provision is being delivered by Accurite in the centre of Ulverston where 6 one-bed and two, two-bed flats are approaching completion.

In Dalton Number 19 Guest house offers a location closer to Barrow.

The Hub is a useful aid to the services already available through established letting and estate agents, services such as Right Move and Choose Cumbria.

It delivers a picture of the scale of the upcoming demand and when it may occur, together with a quarterly update of the forecast demand, drawn from a variety of sources.

Let us know if you think we should introduce additional resources you are aware of to highlight accommodation availability.Please submit suggestions on how we can enhance the Hub to meet your accommodation needs and feedback on its usefulness using by telephone 01229314039ubhe unique

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