Welcome to the Furness Accommodation Hub service. FEDF works with property professionals operating across the area to bring you some of the best access to available property in the area through the Accommodation Hub. There is a website telling you about available houses, apartments and flats to rent, hotels and guest houses to stay in, the Abbey and the Maritime Apartments and Devonshire Buildings.

There is also 1-to-1 advice for companies or individuals. We have a link to Check my Street “www.checkmystreet.co.uk;” to enable you to find local services near any accommodation you are looking at south west Cumbria.

Whether you are  a company director, contractor, project manager, business visitor, or individual  moving into Furness or whether you may need accommodation for 1 night, a few nights, six months or longer this resource will enable you to quickly find a choice of accommodation  for the duration of your stay in Furness.

A summary of available accommodation appears on this webpage each Monday. FEDF also delivers bespoke reports to client companies looking to bring staff into the area. It also briefs developers and property owners about the scale of the accommodation opportunity through its forecasting service.

The Accommodation Hub quantifies, through our own research, emerging demand for accommodation from industrial, construction and tourism sources. It helps existing or new providers of accommodation to assess project viability and target market their offer to businesses and individuals.



There are currently 728 properties on offer for sale in Barrow with 1,004 located within a 5 mile radius and 1,348 within a 10 mile radius of the town.

Here we outline the range of property to rent available locally.

Properties to rent in or within  5 or 10 Miles of Barrow include:

Property Type Quantity in Area Within 5 Miles Within 10 Miles Total
Houses/ Bungalows   93 113 131 131
Flats/Apartments   37   50   71    71
Totals 130 163 202 202

In Barrow 130 properties are available to rent, this is down from the 154 providing 319 bed spaces a month ago when 124 were in 2 bed terraced homes.

There are 202 properties available within 10 miles of Barrow on Right Move which is down from 248 at the end of May.

Additionally 62 rooms are available this week within Barrow ( up 4 from a fortnight ago)  according to the website: www.sparerooms.co.uk.  with 78 located within 5 miles  and 121 available within 10 miles of it which is an increase from 109 a fortnight ago.

In addition Maritime Apartments on Barrow Island, has 60 apartments available 40 of which became available towards the end of February 2017.

Devonshire Buildings owned by Holker Group has 19 apartments coming forward.

Abbey Apartments or Coach House Apartments  are two additional locations in Barrow in Furness.


Properties to rent in or within 10 Miles of Dalton include:

Property Type Quantity in Area  Within 5 Miles Within 10 Miles Total
Houses/ Bungalows 11 119 133 133
Flats/Apartments    3    58    62   62
Totals 14 188 212 212

Additionally 32 Properties are currently available in Dalton- in- Furness on the website: www.sparerooms.co.uk. . There are  82 rooms located within 10 miles of Dalton and 78 within five miles.


Properties to rent in or within 10 Miles of Ulverston

Property Type Quantity in Area Within 5 Miles Within 10 Miles Total
Houses/Bungalows 16 45 140 140
Flats/Apartments 18 26    74    74
Totals 34 71 214 214

16 Properties are currently available  in Ulverston on  www.sparerooms.co.uk.There 306 rooms located within 10 miles of Ulverston, up 17 on a month ago.143 exist within a five mile radius.


Properties to rent available within 5 Miles of Grange

Property Type Quantity in Area Within 5 Miles Total
Houses/Bungalows   5 11 11
Flats/Apartments 13 13 13
Totals 18 24 24

2 rooms are for rent in the town on www.sparerooms.co.uk.There are 104 rooms located within 5 miles of Grange, up 15 on a month ago.

MILLOM OVERVIEW AT 29TH JUNE 2017                                          Properties Available within Millom 

Property Type Quantity in  1 mile
Houses/Bungalows 7
Flats/Apartments 2
Totals 9

Millom has 7 flats within 5 miles and 60 within 10 miles. It also has 132 homes within 10 miles and 27 within 5 miles available.

4 rooms are on offer within Millom on www.sparerooms.co.uk.   There are 79 within 5 miles and 93 within 10 miles.

Resources  enabling you to locate and contact agents offering property to rent or buy, are shown below

A link to www.Booking.com  helps you  to find overnight,  apartment and long-stay accommodation.
A link to www.sparerooms.co.uk enables you to find rooms in local homes to rent on a weekly basis or for longer.There are also


Terraced Properties – Two bed terraced properties vary from £375 through to £500 or £525 a month. Larger four bed terraced homes range from £400 to £575 per month.

Semi –detached Properties  – Two bed home rents are £450-£525 month, Three bed homes are £400 to £625 or even higher in some areas at  £750-£800 a month, Larger semi-detached homes reach £850-1,095 month.

Detached Properties– Are available from £850 – £1,095+ a month.


Our  advice  is book early as demand often runs at 80% -100% of availability  Monday to Thursday due to business, leisure and contractor demand. It is therefore advisable to look at booking up to 4 weeks in advance to ensure  reservations for a particular date.

Across Furness and SW Cumbria there are an estimated 1,939 hotel and bed & breakfast spaces on offer in 140 establishments. This increases to  over 2,000 between October and March of each year.  The majority of bed-spaces are located in Barrow (869) with Dalton and Ulverston offering 259.Grange has  399 and 221 are located around Newby Bridge.

Currently hotel new build is confined to a Premier Inn at North Lonsdale Road, Ulverston which is scheduled to open in December 2017.There is a proposal to also deliver a Holiday Inn Express in Barrow at Duke Street adjacent to Barrow Town Hall and one or two extensions planned for other hotel locations.727 bed spaces are either being constructed or likely to come available through new hotels, flats or apartments.

There is a cluster of hotels along Abbey Road,Barrow and in Barrow Town Centre. Apartments, A Premier Inn, Travelodge, The Royal Hotel and King Alfred Hotel are located close by Bae Systems.

FINDING YOUR WAY AROUND THE ACCOMMODATION HUB For incoming skilled people The Hub offers a quick, better understanding of the accommodation available in the suburbs and centers of the main towns and villages. Separate sections describe:

  • Accommodation in Barrow;
  • Accommodation in Dalton;
  • Accommodation in Ulverston;
  • Accommodation in Grange;
  • Accommodation in Millom.

A Gallery of aerial images enables you to see at a glance the different residential districts, suburbs and where the local facilities are located.

The link to www.checkmystreet.co.uk enables you to quickly type in a postcode to find local street by street information covering available shops, schools, amenities, leisure activities across a broad spectrum. You can find your nearest golf, athletics, sports centres, shops, healthcare, doctor, dentist, pharmacy services and special interest groups’ close by where you might choose to reside. There is also an insight into local sports social and other activities, taxi, train or bus stations, stops and services.

The Hub complements www.choosecumbria.co.uk offering an overview of what it is like to live, work or base a successful business in Furness and the County of Cumbria by drilling down in more detail into the choice of accommodation available locally in the Furness, Grange and Cartmel peninsulas, Millom, which is the typical Travel to Work Area serving the needs of companies in the Barrow and Furness area.

New Accommodation Developments

New apartments and flats are emerging in Barrow at locations close to the town centre in places such as “The Crystal Palace” in Dalkeith Street, “The Town House” in Dalton Road, “The Steelworks” in Buccleugh Street, Storey Square and “The Washington” in Risedale Road. There are proposals for waterside temporaryaccommodation facilities adjacent to Buccleugh Dock, Barrow being offered by The Little Box Company.

Current building work is leading to new accommodation provision located in the suburban areas of Barrow at Oxford Street, as the Victoria Park Flats creating 18 flats in a “listed” former hotel.

Continued expansion on Barrow Island of Maritime Apartments is delivering new apartments in Quarter 2 of 2017 there were 80 new apartments available with an expected 110 by September 2017.

In Ulverston further apartment/flat provision is being delivered by Accurite in the centre of Ulverston where 6 one-bed and two, two-bed flats are approaching completion.

In Dalton Number 19 Guest house offers a location closer to Barrow.

Let us know if you think we should introduce additional resources to highlight accommodation availability. Please submit general enquiries, suggestions on enhancement and feedback by Emailing Rowena Sherratt at: Rowena@fedf.co.uk.or telephone 01229 314 039.

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